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It’s about giving back and sharing Ne Ne’s happy spirit...
It’s about making our communities a better place for the next
Giving back and sharing our happy spirit is just one of the ways we serve our communities. Ever since Hyun founded Ne Ne Chicken in 1999 one of the core values has been community service. As Ne Ne grew, Hyun was able to follow his dream of being more than a good neighbor, striving to make the community better for everyone, with a special focus on children and youth culture. It is the goal of Ne Ne Chicken to create cultural hubs where different generations and cultures can mingle and interact. This will be achieved by building local libraries and/or cultural centers in as many neighborhoods as possible.

By making a positive impact on the everyday lives of our consumers and the communities where we all live and work, Ne Ne can achieve its goal. Some of our endeavors include:

In 2007 Ne Ne began publishing the monthly magazine I Am Happy. Then, in 2009, and as a direct result of their belief that a great citizenry is the result of a solid foundation of youth culture, Happy Junior was created. Ne Ne is committed to promoting a healthy youth culture by nourishing the creative spirit and supporting educational cultivation.
Ne Ne's tireless efforts to promote healthy lifestyles continue developing to cover more and broader contents such as culture, education, and heartfelt stories. Ne Ne recently decided to combine the two magazines, I Am Happy and Happy Junior and publish an integrated version called Happy 2Day. Happy 2Day caters to a broader range of generations - from teens through seniors. Ne Ne believes in supporting a healthy family lifestyle and in building a sharing social community, no matter what the age.
Happy 2Day is the another way Ne Ne can spread its happy spirit. Live well, enjoy life, and share your happiness with family and friends every single moment, that's the Ne Ne way.
Supporting many orphanages and other
charities over the years.
From day one, giving back to local charities was one of our primary goals. We can think of no better way to share our “Happy Spirit” and create a better place to live than by
supporting a diverse assortment of charities within our many communities.
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