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Ne Ne Chicken offers a variety of preparation styles, fried, grilled or baked, as well as a choice of side dishes. Fresh juicy meat marinated with herb seasoning is the key to our customers’ dining experience.
Fried Chicken with mixed onion and
Asian sauce
A fantastic combination of fried chicken with Asian sauce and mixed onions. Proudly developed by Ne Ne’s R&D school, the Asian sauce enriches its fresh flavor without sacrificing a crispy and crunch texture.
Classic Fried Chicken (Hot or Mild)
Thanks to a batter-dip-process, this classic fried chicken delivers a perfect combination of crunchy crust and
succulent meat. Seasoned with a secret formula of
herbs and spices, this signature dish is lightly fried to golden perfection. Enjoy it spicy hot or mild.
Snow Chicken
Kids go crazy for Snow Chicken! Juicy meat coated in crispy goodness with either cheese or sweet vegetable topping.
Shocking Hot Sauce Chicken
The ultimate in hot and spicy chicken.
Tender Low Fat Chicken
Because we care about your healthy lifestyle.
Deliciously seasoned boneless tender chicken breast gently smoked and prepared as individual ready-to-eat snacks.
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