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Ne Ne’s secret is no secret, it's a unique combination of unforgettable taste and health conscious preparation.
Great Chicken with all Natural Ingredients
Ne Ne provides the freshest and best quality chicken possible with the help of its internal quality assurance system. The company has installed an advanced and innovative “Cold Supply-Chain System” to ensure fresh and timely deliveries from the source direct to
franchisees everyday.
The Most delicious Taste Offered: “Juicy meat with crispy taste”
Ne Ne’s Batter Dip Process is a special and secret seasoning formula. The Batter Dip Process also prevents the oil from coming into contact with the chicken, thereby allowing it to maintain its true flavor. In keeping with its healthy choice promise, Ne Ne chicken used only pure
vegetable oil.

Ne Ne Extras
At Ne Ne, everyone gets a delicious side dish, no matter what size ready-serve meal is ordered. With every order, Ne Ne customers get a monthly magazine, either “I am Happy” or “Happy Junior.”
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